So I have been going Primal/Paleo for a few weeks now. Figured I would try and post a bit of what I am doing in here to get some critique. Really I am doing this to help fuel me becoming better/faster/stronger. I did not experience a flu or anything. I am sleeping better and do seem to maybe be performing better at crossfit but I am not sure.

I do crossfit 5 days a week. Anyways below is the last week (nearly) of food I have been eating and I would be gratefull for any critique. I think I need to eat more vegetables, For the first week or two I was doing a BAS however I am so sick of salad and have never really enjoyed them at all, Creative solutions?

Breakfast: Omlette 3 eggs+3 pcs Bacon, Handfull mashed sweet potato handfull blueberries.
Lunch: Paleo chili (bacon, onions,green+red peppers,bacon,tomato puree and chunks) + mashed sweet potato.
Dinner: Big piece of haddock with paleo chili on top.

Breakfast post workout: bit of mashed sweet potato, paleo chili and 3 eggs all mashed together.
Lunch/Dinner: Paleo chili and small bit of yams.
Dinner: bowel of fruit salad

Breakfast PWO: Bowel of chili with 3 eggs cut in.
Lunch: Meatballs and apple
Dinner: Chicken leg/wing w mashed sweet potatoes.

Breakfast PWO: Piece of pollock(not that big) + 4bacon+1eggs +apple

I welcome any thoughts, I will try and keep this full and I do appreciate the help.