Hi there, follow Groks! I am a twenty year old college girl ready to tackle the Paleo lifestyle. In the past I've attempted several diets, but never realy managed to stick it with it as I've always had the "diet" mentality - foods were either "good" or "bad", and restricting myself only makes me crave the "bad" food more.
So, coming clean, being the liftetime chronic dieter that I am, I've shed and regained countless pounds. And now I'm tired. Sick of all the diets, all the calorie-counting, all the restriction. I've realized that eating carbs makes me feel bloated, and it only makes me crave more of it like crazy. Sure, indulging that first slice of bread or cake makes me feel better in the next five minutes - but always sends me into jittery mood swings that makes me regret eating it in the first place.
So here's me taking on the 21 Day Paleo challenge - no more processed crackers, bread, cakes, tarts that makes my stomach resemble a mega-size doughnut. I'm sick of being depressed all the time and anxious. Sick of having no energy and just basically feeling like a big sack of potatoes when I move around. I need to be accountable with my own choices to be happy. It's not going to be easy, I know - as I've had a lifetime of disordered eating (once I discovered calories, I never looked back... to normal, intuitive eating that is.) But I need to try. Food is not just food - it is medicine. And I need to start embracing the wholesame, natural foods with a healthy mind instead of running to the diet cracker aisle to aid my ill.

So here goes - Day 1!

- If you have any advice or suggestions to beat the carb cravings (that is already creeping onto me already), they would be greatly appreciated!