I was a bit weak on my planks this morning doing my LHT. I wondered if I might be over-training my core and not allowing it to recover?

I'm following the '7 weeks to 50 pull-ups' programm on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays, it doesn't take long to do, but obviously pull-ups work the core (especially when you have to raise your legs to keep them off the floor as you have a door frame pull-up bar and you are not a hobbit)

I'm doing HIIT on Sundays as I can't do running sprints, things like press-ups, burpees, sqauts with an over-head press (low weight) jumps onto a box, and plenty of these work my core too.

I do LHT on Thursday, so all of those work the core (I've dropped the pull ups as I'm working them other days)

I go for a bike ride on tuesdays so that's nice and easy, not much more that keeping me up (no more that walking, it's a moderate ride on roads and easy trails)

So it's only really Saturday I get a propper rest day, and tuesdays a mostly rest day.

Should I stop being a moaning girl pants and just get on with it?

Should I drop the planks as I'm doing enough for core stability the rest of the time? (recon it's good as you can see where my 'abs' are even though I'm still a fat bugger)

Should I change the days round to include LHT and my bike ride on pull-ups days giving my more rest days?