What questions, if any, should I be asking of this farm? I've seen the pictures of the farm, read their blog, exchange pleasantries with the owners and they seem to be quite lovely people with some lovely, albeit expensive, meat. They are basically sold out for the season but were kind enough to offer me a 10lb box of mixed beef, 10lb box of pork and some REAL bacon (this was sold out but they were nice enough to throw some in for me). They are only about 35-40 minutes away from me so I will get a chance to see the place should I order. I'd really like to establish a relationship with a local farm for the future and this is very close to me. Plus the people just seem awesome and very friendly. Being that they are basically sold out, I need to tell them if I want the meat asap. As this would be an expensive leap of faith is there anything else I should be asking them?