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Thread: Starting over yet again (Tricia)

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    Starting over yet again (Tricia)

    aaaaaaand we're back!

    For those of you who don't know me, I'm a 30 year old female, just finishing up my masters degree while working part time in customer service (retail = standing job, which I like!). I'm a former bulimic (early teens) and substance abuser (early twenties), and while all that is out of the way now, there's still a long way to go to perfect health! I'm a fairly happy camper most of the time, though I am still on a (very) small dose of SSRI's, due to my brain being a little fried from all the abuse all those years ago (seriously kids: don't do drugs!). That was a looooong time ago though, and I am expecting I could probably do without them (the SSRI's), but first, I want to do whatever I can to have a strong basis to take that final step. I've had journals here before, but then gave that up because I couldn't take having to report my failures over and over. I'm back now though, hopefully for real this time!

    It's been a crazy semester, and it's not quite over yet (term papers, anyone?) but I figure since classes are almost over and I'm looking at quite some time off from work (and canteen food, yuck!) that now will be a great time to reboot myself. The plan will be as follows:

    december 1st: quit smoking! It will be my last shift before my holiday, and I've already stocked up on nicotine patches, so I figure a long work shift will help me get through that first day because I can't smoke at work anyway.
    december 2nd: final cake day! (don't laugh: I promised one of my girlfriends to bring over a home made cake while she's stuck at home waiting for her baby to come)
    december 3rd: primal reboot + initial test of the 100 pushups/200situps/200squats/150 dips program. I printed out the program in pocketmod form so I can continue doing it daily after the initial DOMS wear off.

    I've been counting down the days, to be honest. I also made this poster to put up in the living room (the boy didn't even roll his eyes any more) and I figured I'd share it if anyone else wants it. I adapted some of the rules to fit me better, but the idea is the same:

    See you in a few days guys
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    Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. ---George Bernard Shaw
    When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

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