I have just been diagnosed as I have been suffering with chronic stomach pains for a very long time. I have just been put on the 3 step system to get rid of it and even going Primal hadn't helped me a great deal with my gut issues. I am currently bloating and in pain when I eat pretty much anything.
The only thing I am managing to keep down whilst remaining pain free are meal replacement shakes and water :-( I would really appreciate any dietary advice from anyone that has suffered with the H.Pylori bacteria and has managed to get rid of it or reduce symptoms dramatically. It appears I may have had it for many, many years undiagnosed and had been thrown in the 'you have IBS' basket.
Doc also believes I may have stomach ulcers from having it for so long too, yet to be tested for that though.......

If anyone has any info on this at all (including natural treatments) I would be sooooo grateful for your input :-)