I've never thought I had a problem with defecation, but recently discovered I have hemorrhoids. I suspect it came from my pregnancy and delivery. When I strain or have bulky stools, I can feel the hemorrhoid. If bowel movement is smooth, nothing happens. In the former situation, the hemorrhoid usually disappears after an hour.

So, now I am thinking that to avoid aggravating the problem, I should try to have smooth bowel movements, and keep the poop small. I get constipated pretty easily, and even eating lots of fat doesn't give me diarrhea as it does to almost everyone I know. I cook everything in coconut oil, tallow, or ghee now, in addition to eating lots of oily fish, fatty cuts of meat, lots of coconut. I still think my bowel movements aren't as smooth as should be. I read online that eating more fiber is supposed to help with hemorrhoids, but doesn't that make poop bulkier? Any suggestions how to deal with hemorrhoids?