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Thread: hemorrhoids?

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    So I started taking magnesium 500mg before bed. I've taken it for 3 days, but feel constipated. Only had 1 bowel movement in the past few days. Up the dose?

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    Quote Originally Posted by InSearchOfAbs View Post
    Forget everything else you've read and just DO THIS.

    Start with 500mg RIGHT before you go to bed with 4oz of water.

    If that doesn't help, then I will send you my first born.

    Wait, no., second born... he is evil.

    But really, if that doesn't help, then try 600mg the next night.

    OR, you can do what I do, and take 400mg around 12 in the afternoon,
    and then 400mg at bed time.

    If that doesn't help, I will eat my socks. Promise.

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    Definitely up the dose.

    If that amount didn't give you "The Works", then try another 250mg on top of your 500.

    Also, in the morning, if you can stomach it, power down 8 to 16oz of water FIRST THING.

    Good luck, I'm sorry you're having this problem. It's WAY NO FUN.


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