About 7 years ago; before I ever heard of the primal blueprint, paleo diet, or anything of the sort. I tried a little self experiment to help rid myself of the excess sugar and cravings in my diet. I'm sharing it here because some of you may find it interesting or even helpful, and some may want to give it a go yourself.

Little background: was 23 years old, about 30-40 lbs overweight, undiagnosed but with many symptoms of 'prediabetes' or metabolic syndrome, standard american diet full of soda and eating lots of sweets.

The goal: to cut out all the simple sugars from my diet for a period of a couple months or so; or actually anything that 'tasted sweet', or that I knew had a large amount of simple carbs. That included beer and as I soon learned just about every prepared/processed food under the sun, as they all seem to contain added sugar. Fruits were also cut out as they tasted sweet, even though they're good for you. If it tasted sweet, it was a no go.

The first couple of days/weeks were pretty rough; irritable, seemingly constant hunger pangs, headaches, and just a general no good feeling. It felt like fasting actually, which I tried about a year after this. After about two weeks it got easier. After the first month, it got really easy; I didn't even look or think twice about it anymore, I was feeling good and losing weight.

At about the two month mark I started noticing something strange. Foods that I never considered or even thought of as having sweetness started tasting sweeter to me. Jasmine green tea was the first one I noticed, plain hot with nothing added, yet I started detecting a certain sweetness in its profile. Then I noticed it more in vegetables, and even black coffee had a certain sweetness about it. Nothing like 'candy' or dessert sweet; just a hint, a pleasant little hint of sweetness.

Things went on like this for another month, at which time I was at the three month mark. This is where I decided I would reintroduce the more healthy or enjoyable of the foods I had cut out. Beer was first; I opted for a Killians first. It was not something that I had ever thought of as having a sweet taste, but that first sip, and I kid you not, tasted like a fully sugar laden soda to me. Dr Pepper is what it tasted like to be exact, it was overwhelmingly sweet to me. I couldn't finish it, I didn't want to, it was just too cloyingly sweet for me.

Back to now, I still can only have a little taste of sweets, and happier for it. Just a little bite of candy or tiny sip of soda, anything more and it's no longer enjoyable. Allot of processed foods that have extra sugar hidden in them still taste overwhelmingly sweet to me. I gained a great appreciation for high cocoa dark chocolates(90%+), and dark red dry wines. Most beers still taste too sweet for me to drink more than one of them, and I still taste a tiny hint of sweetness in my green tea or good black coffee.

It seemed as though I had reset the sweet meter in my taste buds or something. Overall this was a hugely positive experience for me; those "healthy" food options all tasted better, and allot of that processed junk that everyone seems to agree should be cut out of ones diet has become unpalatable. Also the aversion to overly bitter or sour things became almost nonexistent, I'm not sure what that's about.

Thanks you for reading. Please share your thoughts or similar experiences; I'm very interested in hearing them. If anyone is thinking about giving this a go, I would highly recommend it.