I think I've maxed out my nervous system. I've been following LeanGains using the StrongLifts routine. Using a calculator, I've kept my calorie cycling at values that equate to about half a pound of weight loss per week. I have gone from 175lbs to just under 165, which puts my calorie cycle currently at -25/+10%. Today, I just barely got my 5x5 squats at 210lbs. I failed to get even one complete set on the overheaaboutd press, and I didn't even attempt deadlifts because my back has been extremely sore for about a week and today's squats finally pushed me so that I was too scared to continue the workout. For all I know, my back was also the reason I failed my press.

I know the science that allows StrongLifts to work so well in the beginning: it increases strength through the nervous system of a novice that significant gains are made without much growth in muscle. Eventually new muscle will be needed to make room for more nerves. I think I've reached that point, but I'm trying to determine if I need to start eating more, or if its time to decrease volume on the weights. I would prefer to maintain my weight loss of about half a pound per week, but if my body is telling me its ready to make new muscle, then couldn't I eat more and still expect to lose weight at the same rate? I would think the extra calories would be soaked up in the muscle building process.