I used to be 250lbs. I dropped down to 180 with calorie restriction/heavy cardio. Then I backslid up to 195, then went primal when I found MDA. Bow I'm a solid 172-175, losing body fat steadily. My problem, however, are hunger and over consumption. Having been so overweight, my hunger signals are all kinds of messed up. I can hardly ever tell when I'm hungry, nor am I usually hungry when I eat my meals. Even when I fasted for over 24 hours on two different occasions, I didn't feel any sort of hunger. Secondly, fullness. Similarly, I can never tell when I'm full unless its of the absolutely stuffed variety. Third, everyone has that one food they could just eat and eat because they love it so much. For me, it's nuts. Any kind except peanuts I could chow on all day. It's almost like a compulsion. I do it with veggies sometimes too. Not the worst thing I could overeat, but it slows my fat loss down. If anyone has any advice on resetting hunger/fullness signals, and controlling overconsumption of certain foods, it would be a great help.