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Thread: Controlling overconsumption

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    After a lifetime of morbid obesity, I lost almost 200 lbs and have been maintaining that loss for almost 2 years.

    Only now are my 'signals' beginning to become clear in terms of hunger/fullness. I still can't trust them totally yet.

    I've managed by simply planning my food in advance and eating only that amount. I rarely felt 'full' when finishing a meal (because of my warped signals), but I was almost always satisfied--i.e., I don't go around hungry.

    I think that over the past few years, I've either become more attuned to my body's signals OR I've developed better signals. In any case, the only way I could control food consumption was to monitor myself carefully.

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    The thing that actually reset my hunger meter was following this basic insane thing. Stock a lot of average ground beef, potatoes and eggs. Then brown a lot of that ground beef without spice. Boil a lot of potatoes. Stock in the fridge or carry with you. When tyou don't feel like eating, don't eat. When you feel like eating, ask yourself: meat, potato or eggs (or any combo of thereoff)? Then heat up and consume (no spice, no salt). Stop eating when feel full. Put the rest away in the fridge/lunch bag. Keep going until your satiation trigger is reset. Make sure you put the fork down between bites and chew the heck out of every bite. Make a meal a Zen experience savoring every bit. This gets rid of the anticipatory hunger, and mind games. After a couple of weeks I knew when I was hungry and when I was full.
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    The Leptin reset is supposed to help with messed up satiety signals. The real thing is really complicated, but the essentials are enough for many people: eat a high protein breakfast every morning and go to sleep at an early/reasonable time each night and sleep for 8 hours. In other words, restore your circadian rhythm.
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