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Thread: Curing candida on a paleo diet

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    I've had recurring monthly candida issues for the last 3 years (since having my 2nd son) which has driven me mad. I'm only 1 month into going paleo and it's the first thing I noticed, no friggin inching, hurray!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EagleRiverDee View Post
    On the subject of candida: I have a candida overgrowth and am starting my fourth week of paleo/primal and I do see an improvement. It's not gone, but it is improved. Prior to this I have more or less "Mediterranean Diet" with lots of whole grains. Cutting grains appears to have made a big difference.

    On the subject of hypothyroidism: I have Hashimotos and suffer from hypothyroidism. My doctor, a Naturopathic Physician, told me that in many cases autoimmune conditions like Hashi's are caused directly by food allergies. She suspected either wheat or dairy. She put me on an anti-inflammatory diet (very similar to paleo, as it happens) and we discovered I had a dairy allergy. After stopping dairy, I also found that my long-term acid reflux cleared up. Unfortunately the damage to my thyroid had been long term and we were unable to reverse my Hashi's through dietary changes but at least can prevent further damage. I'll be a guinea pig for whether paleo makes it better or worse. I've got blood work this Wednesday. We can use that as a baseline, and as I plan to do paleo/primal long term we can see what happens on my future blood work.
    My experience too is that it's wholegrains and yeast that are the problem, not starch. Also, I am sensitive to cow's dairy but thrive on goat's/sheep's.
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