I have read through lots and lots of the blog and forums and I read the primal blueprint book about a year ago (I have re-ordered it from the library).

I tried to go primal a year ago but didn't even stick with it for one day - I just wasn't in the right head space I guess.

I started 11 days ago, this time determined to succeed, I felt great last week but today I am feeling discouraged and sick and depressed! I guess I want some reassurance and maybe some advice on how to make it through....

My previous diet was APPALLING! ....
breakfast - processed bacon (with nitrates sugar etc) and hashbrowns with juice and coffee with lots of sugar
snack - chocolate bar a bag of candy and a large energy drink
lunch - either nothing or a large Combo meal (unsure if I am allowed to name name's on this site)
dinner - take out pizza or chinese food and sometimes some home cooked meat and vegetables or pasta etc with grain being about 70% of the meal

On day one I was 130kg (286 pounds), after one week I lost 6kg (13 pounds), but this week so far I have lost nothing and I am feeling a bit discouraged.... I realise that the 6kg lost was probably all just water....so is the reason I am not losing anything this week because I haven't switched to fat burning yet? Did anyone else take a while to start actually losing weight on primal?

Obviously at 130 kg (286 pounds) I have A LOT of extra fat on my body. I feel weird eating lots of fat because I can't help but think shouldn't my body just burn the fat on my body rather than get it from food? I think I remember reading somewhere on the blog that by eating more fat it encourages your body to burn more stored body fat.... is that correct?

I felt GREAT after about day 4 - lots more energy, no more headaches, no more nausea etc but at day 9 I started feeling grumpy, hungry and nauseous again. I really really want to drink a litre of coke right now. I did discover that last week I was accidentally using a vanilla essence on my breakfast that turned out to be in a sugar syrup so I was probably using about a teaspoon of sugar a day! Eeeekk! I gave it up day 9 - when i started feeling horrid again - could that small amount of sugar been sustaining my old sugar addiction?

My new diet looks a bit like this...... (please feel free to suggest improvements!)
Breakfast - berries, nuts and some yoghurt & vanilla essence (I know yoghurt isn't primal but breakfast is tricky cause eggs make me sick and it is nice and fatty with lots of protein so I thought it would be okay - I'd like to cut it out eventually)
Snack - apple
Lunch - meat fried in coconut oil, lots of steamed/roasted veges with butter or big salad
Snack - nothing or yoghurt mixed with berries and nuts
Dinner - meat roasted or fried in coconut oil, lots of veges with butter and salad

Sooooo am I going to start losing weight again soon?
How long does it take to feel better and not hungry and nauseous and tired?
Why did I feel good and feel like I have gone backwards again (was it maybe the sugary vanilla?),
Could my diet be improved? (Weight loss is important but feeling great is most important!)
Can I really eat lots of fat if I have over 70kg (154 pounds) to lose?
And if I have a piece of steak with lots of fat attached at the top do you leave that on and eat it? It seems to good to be true!

Thank you soooooooooooo much to anyone who comments and please keep it positive! I might cry if I get any grumpy negative comments right now!!