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    How to move at a slow pace during cold weather!

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    Hey all, I'm living over in the north east and to quote that famous TV show "Three's Company"...winter is coming.
    Anyway, I do live near a park which I would walk the trails about 3 days a week in the summer, but it's getting cold...and dark fast. Also I can probably wear my vibrams for about another 3 weeks before my feet are too cold. What would you do? Just wear boots? Tough it out?

    Does anyone have any alternatives for moving at a slow pace at the gym? Maybe just some stretching and row machine or walking on a high incline tredmill?

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    i got myself a decent hunting jacket. hunting gear i reckon is way better than tramping gear as hunting movement patterns are far more like what i do. lots of slow movement, sprinting, staying still, out in all weathers. generally hunting gear is both breathable and waterproof. i wear boots in the winter. i have a pair of black hawk tactical assault boots which i love. i also have a pair of new balance minimuses i reckon would be ok with socks unless you had deep mud or water to get thru. gym based slow movement, dont know. treadmills usually have hill programs. treadmills also have propulsion so they dont use as many muscles as walking. they are also unidirectional movement which means none of you stabilising muscles are used. row machines arent really slow movement unless you go very slowly. since i have a dog, i have to take him out anyways so i just tough it out and have a hot shower when i get home.

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    Warm coat and boots. That is what I do. There are a bunch of hiking trails near me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fitness Wayne View Post
    Warm coat and boots. That is what I do. There are a bunch of hiking trails near me.
    Me too. I hate hate HATE cold weather but I suck it up and go walk anyway. Unfortunately I can't wear my VFF's in this cold.
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    i'm in the northeast, and it's tough getting in a lot of outdoor moving slowly in come winter. bundling up and going for walks and jogs is pretty good when the weather is agreeable. i usually layer up and throw on my merrell trail gloves with warm socks. i also picked up a stationary bike and treadmill cheap on craigslist for when the snow sticks around too long.
    but, if you're near some trails, probably one of the best winter activities for moving slowly is to strap on some snowshoes and just go explore.

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    Man, suck it up!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in Canada. I'm going for walks here with summer shorts and just a mesh safety vest. The cold is good for you. Wear normal sneakers though and gloves for the fingers. Come home cold after an hour, but you actually get use to it.
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    What on earth did people do before vibrams and treadmills? Have a think about it, then do that.

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    Try a program that requires little space and continuous movement such as FlowFIT:

    RMAX Flow Fit - YouTube

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    I personally love snowshoeing... Once you get moving you won't be cold. For boots, I wear thick socks and felt boot liners under NEOS Overshoes. Warm, waterproof, and no heel drop.
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    I usually walk outside less & swim more in the winter. Also, when they do the lagoon downtown I would skate outdoors or if there is enough snow, I'd go cross-country skiing by my rec center. Unfortunately, the parks here clean all the pathways so you can't ski in the parks You have to pay to x-ski or drive like 2 hours into the mountains. How stupid is that? Wasn't like that when I was growing up. My kid likes going sleighing. It's hard on my butt, but I can take it for a little bit, though I am not what I used to be when I was younger. There is traditional Canadian winter sport of snow shoveling as well.

    And, oh, yeah, I wear winter boots. I am in Calgary, AB, and my desire not to get a frost bite pawns my desire to get cold exposure.

    All and all, it's winter, it's cold, so I try to accept it. hate it. But accept it.
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