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Thread: Red Meat - Animal Fat, Gristle.. We are sure this stuff is good for us?

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    Red Meat - Animal Fat, Gristle.. We are sure this stuff is good for us?

    Just wanted to post a quick question.. I'm very primal, love it.. really enjoy it, its cleared up my allergies, very lean.. All & all, feel great & I'm sold.. This is the way my body needs to be treated..

    Only question.. When I cook my red meat (typically "sear" my ny strip & steaks) we are all familiar with the white, hardened gristle, that is left in the pan.. It hardens, sticks to the pan, & just overall resembles something that I'm having a hard time accepting is good for my body..

    I eat a lot of ny strip, ribeye, sirloin, etc.. That nasty fat that is left behind on the pan is now swimming through my bloodstream & certaintly must harden & attach to arteries & overall create congestion in my body..

    Avocados, olive/coconut oil, almonds, even egg yolk don't seem to leave their fat behind like this..

    We sure copius amounts of red meat are ok for us?

    I read a lot of you swear by stuff like bacon & red meat.. Just want to understand that sh*t behind in the pan that is now swimming around in my bloodstream isn't clogging my arteries.. Having a hard time imagining that its not..

    (ha.. not my pan below.. just web image of some animal fat in a pan illustrating the vision of my concern)
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