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Thread: Dentinal Fluid Transport discussion

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    Dentinal Fluid Transport discussion

    I would like to start a discussion of Dentinal Fluid Transport or flow which I expect will be mostly about nutrition which is why I placed in this in the nutrition section. It would be great, but not necessary that participants are familiar with the book "Dentinal Fluid Transport" condensed and edited by Clyde Roggenkamp, DDS, MSD.

    For those unfamiliar with the concept, the idea is that there is a fluid that can flow inside the tooth to outside, ideally, and sometimes to our detriment the flow may be outside in which effects the health of each tooth. Remineralization is a big part.

    Here is a reference: Dentinal Fluid Transport (9781594100086): Clyde Roggenkamp: Books

    Dentinal Tubular Flow and Effective Caries Treatment
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