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Thread: Dentinal Fluid Transport discussion

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    Finally someone else talking about eggshell meal
    Eggshells, from Waste to Dental Material - DentistryIQ

    Tests performed on rats substantiated the results. Processes such as dental pulp capping, enamel remineralization, tooth whitening and adhesions are all made possible due to biomimetic calcium phosphate obtained from eggshells.

    = = = = =

    Not exactly the same as the tests on rats reported in the book "Dentinal Fluid Transport" - page 80 (among others)

    "Eggshell meal. The cariostatic efficacy of eggshell meal was surprising since the dietary addition of calcium carbonate alone does not reduce dental caries. Apparently eggshell contains a substance which weakly stimulates fluid movement. The potentiating effect of eggshell meal on the action of carbamyl phosphate and to a lesser extend on carbamyl-DL-aspartic acid makes it possible to reduce the effective anticariogenic dose levels of these compounds." [bone meal did not produce the same effect]

    == = = = = =

    I've been saving my eggshells, but haven't brought myself so far to the point of cooking them again in an oven and pounding them into a powder.

    = = =
    Another article:
    Eggshells – A Bioavailable Source of Calcium | The Healthy Advocate


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    Well, I raise my own chickens, but throw away the eggshells--is there something I could be doing with them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Denver Dave View Post
    I would like to start a discussion of Dentinal Fluid Transport or flow which I expect will be mostly about nutrition which is why I placed in this in the nutrition section. It would be great, but not necessary that participants are familiar with the book "Dentinal Fluid Transport" condensed and edited by Clyde Roggenkamp, DDS, MSD.

    For those unfamiliar with the concept, the idea is that there is a fluid that can flow inside the tooth to outside, ideally, and sometimes to our detriment the flow may be outside in which effects the health of each tooth. Remineralization is a big part.

    Here is a reference: Dentinal Fluid Transport (9781594100086): Clyde Roggenkamp: Books

    Dentinal Tubular Flow and Effective Caries Treatment
    In my opinion meal timing has a huge impact on dentinal fluid transport.
    I do think that intermittent fasting routines could actively increase the outward motion of the DFT.. at the condition that a highly nutritious meal has been eaten before hand, in order for the body to recover the hormonal balance that regulates the DFT itself.
    For nutritious meals i mean all the post that you guys have written about egg shells and fat-soluble vitamins intake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by otzi View Post
    ...the dentist would comment on my 'deep pockets' saying they were an indicator of bad things to come, oral and body health-wise.....
    My initial thoughts on your comment were the dentist glee at your "deep ($$) pockets"

    Other than that, all very interesting am following discussion.

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    I started the thread in November, 2012 - thought I'd do an update as of June, 2014

    I'm still taking
    - vitamin D3 - Jarrrow 400 iu - plan on doubling up next winter
    - vitamin K2 - Jarrow MK-7 - 90 micrograms
    - Green Pasture fermented cod liver oil - took 1 to 2 capsules daily until this spring, then increased to 4 capsules and have changed to the gel - 1/4 part of a teaspoon 2 to 3 times per day (hard to get started with the gel, but now prefer it)
    - eggshell meal (organic) - make my own, just heat in a glass bowl when something else is cooked in the oven and then grind up with a very small coffee grinder to almost a powder - take some once a day or more, sprinkled on food.
    - EcoDent tooth powder - can't imagine ever going back to regular toothpaste

    - just started oil pulling with coconut oil this week - no opinion at present.

    I'm pleased with the effect of the above on my teeth. I had side parts of a few teeth bottoms where the enamel had been eaten away to the dentin. When shining a flashlight on the teeth, had a golden translucent color into the tooth. Dentist was recommending a filling or patch to keep the tooth from continuing to be eaten away. I decided to wait and try above.

    Now gold translucent areas have been replaced with a creamy sandy white color. Not as bright a white as the enamel, but definitely not as apparent as before.

    How are other people doing?
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    Hi there Denver, doing well thanks.
    How are you doing??.

    I kept up egg yolks intake, along with organic raw milk.
    Occasionally I try my best to get some cod liver oil as well, otherwise i keep my sunshine exposure at a good range, without sunscreen.
    It's been 5 years now since I had checked my cavity, and it is not bothering me.. which is a good sign. =)

    Taking Vit. C regularly at orthomolecular dosage, cycling 2 week ON and 1 week OFF, with excellent results on my gumline.

    I would buy green pastures again and again, if it wasn't all that expensive :-( was thinking to give extravirgin cod liver oil a try.

    Goin back to fasting and dentinal fluid transport.
    I found out you need to be in a "parasympathetic state" to trigger the parotid hormone response and dentinal fluid transport.
    Along with meditation to reduce the impact of stress, I found the most efficient way to suppress sympathetic state is to practice fasting, as you can see here:

    Suppression of Sympathetic Nervous System During Fasting - Young - 2012 - Obesity Research - Wiley Online Library

    That would explain why people who fast experience such teeth healing experiences.

    Hope this helps, keep it up guys!!


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