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Thread: Any primal non-christians here?

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    Any primal non-christians here?

    Not long ago my girlfriend said she couldn't see herself marrying me because I'm not a christian. This really hurt me because she knew I wasn't christian from the beginning and it never bothered her. I don't know what I believe and I'm not very religious right now. Are there any good morale, non-christian women out there? I'm going through some tough times and I need some re-assurance I'm not crazy for believing what I believe. And that there is some hope out there for me.


    I was a very devout christian until last year. I stepped away from the church, because I no longer trust that the faith is perfect/correct. I do understand the faith deeply and respect the core morals of the church. It's not like I am shunning her for her faith. I love the church, I just don't believe. So what is the point in going?
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