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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    I don't think morality/good character and religion have anything to do with one another. There are very moral and very immoral people who are both christian and non christian.
    Couldn't agree more with this. I consider myself casually Buddhist.

    Religion can be a hardline in relationships. It may be that it was fine to date someone outside the church, but not fine to marry them. That sucks for you, but you simply need to accept it. And I don't mean fake faith, I mean the relationship may need to end.

    If you both want kids, and she wants them raised with strong church ties, and you don't, that's going to be a dealbreaker, just as much as one of you wanting kids and the other not.

    You can be Christian without following the Bible verbatim. The teachings of Christ revolve primarily around acceptance, freely giving of wealth, loyalty, fidelity, honesty... general integrity type things. You can live a life in Christ's way without blindly believing everything printed in the most recent iteration of the Bible.

    Perhaps if interested you can find a new place to attend for worship that embraces the concept that much of the Bible is metaphorical (or at least acknowledge that as a handed down much transcribed bit of work, it has evolved a great deal) and encourages discussions about faith and what to do when it is flagging.

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    Belief o Matic says I'm UU. I disagree, and it's moderately important. heh.

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    Proud Pagan here. Kitchen Witch with Roman leanings... and some conservative churchy tendencies even though I was never raised Christian. Go figure- lol.

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    Non-christian here same with hubby. I really can't imagine being with a christian, I just can't get over the whole Hell concept (among other things). For a creator to condemn those that don't believe to an eternity of torture is just twisted. Also if this beautiful and unique planet was made by their benevolent creator why aren't christians up in arms over the way it's being trashed?

    Like others have said dating some one and marrying some one are 2 different things. If your core beliefs are so different it would make your life together so much more challenging especially if want to have kids.

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    I am a northern traditions heathen and the wife is a recovering Anglican who now loves the UU church. Personally I find them too nice and it makes me twitchy. Then again I find overly nice people kinda fake, no one can be that nice all the time.

    The best you can do is use this as a way to follow the path that the divine has offered and see where it leads, read the bible if you wish. If you can make it work great but dont adopt if you dont truly feel it.

    I grew up Fundy baptist and walked away when I was 8. Let me tell ya the fun that caused.
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    I was raised Christian and married a Muslim. Interfaith relationships can work, but everyone has to be on board. Parents, community, etc.

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    I was a right-wing fundamentalist bible-thumper for a serious chunk of my life. Way, way right. No, Pat Robertson was too liberal, look way to the right of him.

    Now? I'm a fairly laid-back, atheistic-pagan-buddhist-free spirited wiccan priestess. Sorta.

    I just hate boxes.

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    Why do so many people associate being right-wing with being a Christian? I think science and evolution has only made me more conservative, not less.
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    Yea, I actually run an atheist group at my university.

    Im a full bore heathen

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    Infidel here. I'm an atheist. I also like the Buddhist philosophy. I get along with most religious people regardless of how they think of my beliefs.
    Keep it going, Mark

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