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Thread: Is buckwheat a grain?

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    Thanks, Damiana! I am not sure where he discusses the antinutrients. Can anyone point me to it? Did I miss anything in that article? It seemed mostly a problem with starches, and I would like more information.

    Sandra, I am not sure how that ranks in Paleo/Primal (which is not exactly what I'm doing), but as far as I know white rice has no nutrients whatsoever, and it's basically just plain sugar. Did you mean wild rice, perhaps?

    Not a problem for me, because cereals/starches were not really part of my diet to begin with (when I had a "grainy" diet that was 2-3 servings max per day) and I never had bread to "accompany" my meals, perhaps because many non-US cultures are more vegetable/protein centered. I was never served sandwiches for a meal when I was growing up. I always remember our table having at least two-three fresh vegetables and some form of protein. Starches were there, but labeled as "not actual food" because not complete.

    So I've never felt any deprivation/difficulty going without starches, which I guess many people, from habit, find challenging. But I do occasionally have toast with my tea. And I love cooking and baking. Hence my request.

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    All I know about Buckwheat is when i was a kid and visited my Grandparents my Grandma would whip up Buckwheat pancakes seemingly out of almost nothing as they were poor cow/chicken farmers. Those were the best pancakes I ever had time and time again over several years ...that was in the late 60's thru the early 70's. I've never been able to replicate Grandma's Buckwheat pancakes... I've tried a bunch...they never had store syrup either, they used used homemade Blackberry or Strawberry jam and once in awhile local honey always with homemade butter...sometimes when they had nothing else they would just sprinkle on powdered sugar. My Grandparents were quit poor but probably had a better diet than most people as they almost never bought any food from the store...they only ate buckwheat in pancakes never any other way.

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    Whether or not buckwheat is a grain or not shouldn't matter. It isn't about whether or not something is a grain - just because it's a grain doesn't make it unhealthy. What should matter is the nutrient density of the food and the toxin load of the food.

    For example, white rice and masa harina (nixtamalized non-GMO corn flour) are both clean. There is virtually no toxins. Compare that to something like nuts, which are Primal but contain high levels of phytate, moderate levels of lectins, inflammatory fats, poor quality proteins and are often allergens. Dairy isn't considered paleo, but it is one of the most nutritious foods on Earth and has a lipid profile superior to any meat I'm aware of and the best quality protein in nature.

    Buckwheat isn't technically a grain, but it is high in phytate and prone to going rancid due to the polyunsaturated fat content, which is relatively high. The fat content is higher than all purpose wheat flour, and most wheat flour is rancid on the shelves to a degree. Logic dictates buckwheat flour will probably be worse.

    I see you can't have tapioca starch. That is unfortunate because it is very clean. However, white rice flour, non-GMO masa harina, potato starch and arrowroot starch are all very clean - much more than buckwheat. Coconut flour is acceptable as well, but it's a bit tougher to digest, expensive and much trickier to use in recipes.

    You can consume that if you want and it's not toxic, but it's mostly all empty calories with super high palatability. You may be avoiding gluten and rancid fats, but you're still likely to overconsume empty calories, similar to eating a spoon to a bag of sugar or jar of oil. It is best to just try and avoid flours altogether, "Primal" or not. The occasional treat is one thing, but when it's several times a is a slippery slope very quickly.
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