I am new to the forum, but have been eating low-carb for a couple months - I got started when I came across the Taubes book, "Why We Get Fat". I fairly quickly lost the 16 lbs that was my goal and am now where I want to stay. My inquiry concerns my wife. After see what happened with me, she is coming around to the idea of changing her diet. She is 60 years old (I am 64), and has been about 25 lbs. overweight for some time now. She is very serious with much discipline and has tried "cutting back" for a couple years. She exercises most every day, rising at 5:30 for an hour on treadmill etc. She is one of those people who can gain a couple pounds "for no reason" - one glass of wine can seem to wreck everything. It is VERY discouraging to say the least. For the last few days, she has been staying away from carbs, more salad etc., but no change yet. I am asking for ANY tips anyone can give foe someone starting out who has been SO good, but just can't make progress! ANY ideas at all would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!!