Since switching to a higher fat and primal way of eating, my body odor has changed significantly.

It's STRONG. My sweat smells like, I can't quite place it... paint???! And other areas are much uh, muskier and strong smelling than when I wasn't eating meat or high fat.

Is this just the adjustment phase for my body do you think? I haven't asked anyone else if they can smell it but to my nose, it's quite offensive

I'm eating low carb, like 30-60g per day is the average. High fat and protein is usually 100-150g per day. Lots of eggs, some pork, beef and chicken have been my go-to meats so far. I'm one month solid Primal high fat, and 2 months with ending the vegan experiment. I do dairy maybe 2x week.


I didn't really feel the need to wear underarm deodorant 3 months ago, but now, yikes. I don't know. Maybe a natural deodorizer is in order.