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Thread: Leftover turkey+ duck fat= AWESOMENESS

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    Leftover turkey+ duck fat= AWESOMENESS

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    I bought a duck confit (fancy french for duck leg), it came pre-cooked and it also included some extra duck fat, I felt it wasn't enough for lunch so I started looking for something to add to it when I remembered that I had some leftover turkey from thanksgiving.

    So I used the fat to grill the duck, the turkey and some mushrooms, sweet fancy Mosses! it was sooo good, it was one of those paleo meals that makes you think that something soo tasty can't possibly be healthy .

    Anyways, there you have it, turkey grilled in duck fat and if you have some skin left then you are in for an extra tasty treat!.

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    Duck fat rules! You can cook just about anything in it and it makes it luxurious and wonderful. I parboil potatoes cut in wide strips, let them dry a little on a paper towel, then fry them in duck fat. It's amazing.

    Here's an easy recipe for duck confit: Easy Duck Confit Recipe | Simply Recipes

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    Good ffffing work! You can re-use a seriously good fat like that* ... good on you for re-using it! I bet*you enjoyed the heck out of both birds!

    Duck fat is so resistant to heat ... you can re-cook it a good number of times before it oxidises. Keep it going ... just chill it after you've cooked with it a few times and just eat it from the fridge, teaspoon at a time.

    *check out the Rancimat analysis of fat. You'll see.

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    Duck fat is one of the tastiest things on earth.
    I'm a paleo foodie, come check out my recipes:

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