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    Better Recovery?

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    Since going eating primal, has anyone noticed much better recovery after hard workouts?

    I switched my diet about 3 months ago, and my recovery between workouts is much better. I have done some really hard interval workouts, that before would leave me sore for a couple of days, now the soreness doesn't come.

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    I've noticed the same thing. I believe it definitely has to do with how I'm eating. It's been about 3 1/2 weeks primal for me. I'm training for a marathon (I know, I know...this will be my last) and I haven't had any soreness after our long runs. I've also noticed that I feel stronger while running and I'm faster than previous seasons, although still not fast compared to a lot of people.

    I'm planning on keeping this up. Good luck to you!

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    Last week was my first week PB and I attempted an all-day 2s sand vball tournament without my normal grain-based carbs (just some trail mix, a little dried fruit and 2 bananas). At this point, I still didn't have enough "quick energy" and found myself lagging more on some points during long rallys and games. HOWEVER, normally after an all day tournament in 90 degree heat I would be absolutely dead when I got home -- this time, however, I had no desire to take a nap and was actually in the mood to go play a skeeball tournament with my fiance and his friends. The next morning I had no residual soreness, which is also unusual, and also had high energy levels.
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    Better recovery is just one of the benefits. Happy to hear you're experiencing them.

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    yes.... definately.

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