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Thread: Camping menu suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by polos26 View Post
    I was wondering if anyone has primal ideas for camping
    You don't say whether you are going lightweight and moving or are static. When static I take a frying pan and have omelettes for breakfasts, usually mushroom or spinach. When on the hill, I will take water, a flask of black coffee and roast chicken thighs plus hard boiled eggs for lunch. I also carry emergency rations of nuts and boil in the bag meaty food. Back at camp I'll BBQ meat, peppers, mushrooms & more and maybe have some salad too.

    Backpacking & camping out, I'll take more nuts, dried fruit & etc and cook less. Where I go there is always water available (I use a pump up purifier) so I carry dried food that I can just add boiling water to. It's bit more difficult to find primal type bags but I am not a fussy eater and can have the same dish for several days on the trot. Days 1 & 2 at least, I can still have my chicken thighs and hardboiled eggs for lunch. Another idea, in the right countryside, is to take dried meats and cook it up with plants found en route for the evening meal. I have a plastic egg carrier to keep fresh ones safe for a day or three.
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    If you have time to read sbhikes journal, she has some good camping meals, although she leans more toward backpacking-camping, than campground-camping. Not sure which kind you will be doing.

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    Are you backpacking or car camping? If you are car camping, bring plates and bowls. If you are backpacking, make one-pot meals. Here's my menu from my latest backpack trip (last weekend). Note that this took a lot of effort in advance to make the pemmican, dried veggies and dried chicken.

    Homemade pemmican (dried beef pulverized in blender and mixed with melted grass-fed beef tallow and dried cherries)
    Cowboy coffee

    Home dehydrated veggies that I soaked in water in a peanut butter jar as I hiked.
    One pemmican puck (either homemade beef pemmican without cherries or coconut pemmican which is made of coconut and melted beef tallow)
    Home dehydrated chicken went with the meals that had coconut pemmican
    Melted the pemmican puck into the re-hydrated veggies on my stove.

    Same as lunch

    A date/almond butter, coconut, dried banana bar I made
    Hot toddies (burbon, true lemon, cinnamon and honey from my friend who is a bee keeper.)

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