So I'm high-fat, which should limit the need for insulin and help my pancreas last longer so I don't catch the diabeetus too soon. I eat lots of anti-inflammatory spices to prevent systemic damage from inflammation. I drink a half-pot of coffee to protect my nerves from degeneration, and put a cup of coconut milk in it so I have instant ketones and better (higher) cholesterol numbers. I eat two brazil nuts a week to chelate excess heavy metals from my organ meats. I also eat a bag of organic green apples every week when I'm not going keto because of several substances found in them that are supposed to increase lifespans of many creatures (yeah, those usually end with a product hock, but there really were good results with whole green apples fed to animals!). Then I eat basic paleo designed my way to hit all micronutrient standards so I don't develop any deficiencies. What do YOU do as an ace in the hole for long life, aside from avoiding toxins and allergens (which we're all already doing anyway)? Any special food/substance you're rolling the dice on?