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    Protein restriction. Or possibly methionine restriction in particular is looking promising.

    Having your ferritin checked and even donating blood.

    Eating within caloric balance/ Not being overweight-obese

    Periods of undereating/fasting.

    A wide range of different fruits and vegetables.

    Eating seafood.

    Cocoa, tea, herbs, spices.

    Moderate red wine consumption.

    Having a good relationship with food. Orthorexics who's eating patterns cause them a great deal of stress don't tend to fare too well.

    I have this book on hold at the library but haven't read it yet.
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    Did anyone say fermented veggies? I keep forgetting but mean to eat a little bit each day. I also try to eat 1/4c of blueberries but dont always.
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    I know this topic's question was centered specifically on what I (YOU) do for longevity, but....

    I do not do this, but Art DeVany (Evolutionary Fitness) takes Ultrathione. Ultrathione is a supplement which is supposed to aid with the body's production and use of Glutathione; among a few other things. Art seems to believe in this product wholeheartedly, and I believe his advice should be heard (he is the fittest 70 yr old on the planet and one of the premier diet/fitness experts in Ancestral Health....). Anyway, here is the link to the Ultrathione website: Glutathione science

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    Apparently strength training causes the cells of the body to be flooded with various growth hormones and other growth-promoting things that tell the body that cells need to live instead of die. So while it might not add years to your life it makes the amount of years spent in decline fewer. So I guess I can add strength training to the list of things I do for longevity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gopintos View Post
    Did anyone say fermented veggies? I keep forgetting but mean to eat a little bit each day.
    I mentioned them. I get a fairly decent amount in my diet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabine View Post
    I have sex frequently.

    Completely unscientific, but I figure if your body/mind thinks you are still trying to reproduce, it better keep you going. And, it makes you happy and relaxed.
    No, not unscientific at all. Sex is good for you.

    The relative health benefits of differe - PubMed Mobile
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    Typically I prefer to focus on macro-nutrients a lot more than micro-nutrients.

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    Sex, art, strength-training (building muscle), appreciating nature, being active, eating lots of veggies for antioxidants are all good in my experience.
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    Green tea, bone broth, fish oil, intermittent fasting, lifting heavy things once in a while, going for walks, sleeping 8 hours per night in pitch black....and I have pretty much no stress. I'm also in a loving marriage and we have a great daughter. A loving family has to count for something right?
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    From what I've read, it seems like calorie restriction rather than specific foods, is really the way to go for increasing longevity.

    Makes sense to me, anyway.

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