Started going primal October 13th.
Since then i've felt great.
Eliminated all candy, sweets, most grains (beer the occasional sunday football exception).
Using organic/grass fed as budget allows.
Now cows milk, but having cottage cheese, fermented cheeses and little sour cream.

I've dropped 16 lbs in the first 3 weeks, however have not lost a lb in the last 3.
Exercise has been limited, mostly getting in a 30 min during lunch break.

Something has changed starting thanksgiving. After dinner i felt really weird. I did not indulge on any on primal approved foods other than candied yams. I thought after, wow is that little bit of sugar on the yams really effecting me that much??

On friday after i ate breakfast (3 eggs and 2 sausage patties) i began to feel like i had low blood sugar. Almost like when i over eat a large high carbo meal.

Forced myself to work out thinking it might make me feel better... after i forced myself to eat lunch since i knew i needed calories. Leftover turkey, green beans and broccoli with GF butter. Same result.

On sunday morning i had lefteover ground beef with peppers and shallots with 2 eggs. same damn light headed dizzy sensation. so an hour later i ate an apple and felt a little better.

Last night when explaining to my wife whats going on, she told me to have a 4 oz glass of OJ and see if it makes you feel better. It did, but i dunno if its placebo or what not. No dinner..wasn't hungry.

This morning omw to work... no breakfast yet, but same damn sensation.

Slammed a Muscle milk light protein shake (no, not primal approved, but i have a lot left over before i started) in hopes that it might help, but as i type this i feel like i have a wicked hangover and don't wanna pick my head up.

I'm curious to know if anyone has insight or experienced this themselves.

It seems odd to me this is a blood sugar issue, but one never knows. I'm gonna put some sugar in my coffee to see if it helps.