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Thread: My new standup desk

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    Quote Originally Posted by iniQuity View Post
    Yeah I need to figure out a way to separate my keyboard from the monitor. Since I'm using my laptop I'm running into the problem where my head is looking down too much (not good for the neck) and my hands are up too high (my traps bother me after a while, I can't help shrugging, it's like a reflex or something) so I need a separate monitor to fix the issue.

    However, I sit half the workday. I found, after doing the all day stand up thing, that it wasn't getting any easier, then I asked myself "when... the FUCK have we stood up all day in a single spot for prolonged periods of time?... never" so I typically start the day off standing, and after lunch I'll sit. I didn't notice any major improvements or differences after standing all day, so I decided I wouldn't do that anymore.

    I did, of course, move about for water or to the bathroom, etc, but I still found all-day standing to not be worth it. I've worked as a waiter and bartender a few years (not anymore) so I know the difference between being on your feet but constantly moving, and just standing there and the latter is much more miserable. Good luck to you all though!
    I stand at my workstation, which I use for CAD work and a few other tasks, and I sit at my laptop to go through email and work on documents and spreadsheets. It splits my time up and keeps me moving back and forth from sitting to standing throughout the day. Seems to work pretty well.
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    nice setup, you wont ever want to go back. Here's one I made years ago when I was working on an island without any powertools. It aint fancy, but it worked for a couple years until I moved and made a new one out of wire racks.

    Quote Originally Posted by texas.grok View Post
    Well, after 5 weeks off, I'm back in Egypt and adjusting to my standup desk. I submitted a request for a laptop docking station, monitor and keyboard before I left and they were waiting for me. Also brought back a mousepad with a wrist rest that helps a lot.

    Overall, pretty pleased with my setup. I feel much more energized during the day. We work 9.5 hour days and I spend about 8 of that standing, at least. I hear "majnoon" a lot, Arabic for crazy but then again, I heard that a lot about me before I did the standup desk.

    If you can get away with it, I think this is well worth the investment.

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