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Thread: The Paleo Diet = Rich White People Diet?

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    Post The Paleo Diet = Rich White People Diet?

    We've all heard the criticism. Now let's get some data! Where does your annual income fall? Feel free to post your race as well. Also feel free to clarify where you fall in your given range, if your vote makes you feel too well off or too poor.

    I'm poor and white. Not even entirely financially independent. I'm below 20K without the financial support.
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    New Zealand

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    Coming from abject poverty, I feel rich now. But I know I make less than 40,000 per year. The fact that I get to eat every day if I want to means I AM one of the wealthy. We shop on a budget, though. $50.00 per week ($100.00 for the two of us) for general groceries, but a few extra bucks on stuff like raw honey and tallow that lasts awhile. And occasional treats like Lara bars.

    I'm basically white, but my Dad grew up living like a (stereotypical povertous lifestyle, not necessarily racial) Native American because his Mom is half, which makes me 1/8th.

    Hand-outs, freebies, filling up on samples were all encouraged. Your family took one or two free squares of cheese from the demo dish, we stood there and ate the whole thing.

    Sometimes Mom would have to have a "pretend" dinner when the "food" (macaroni and cheese, kool-aid and canned corn) ran out. We'd all pretend to fill our bowls, pray and eat - air - suppressing the obvious. So now I feel wealthy.

    Primal was daunting and I even gave up at first, but the pain was too much so I started finding the best deals in town. Canned mackerel in water for .80cents a can? Boom. You can do it. Got to dig. Asian markets, dollar stores and Grocery Outlet all have something Primal. Read labels, stay in the budget and ration the food. It can be done.
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    Steak, eggs, potatoes - fruits, nuts, berries and forage. Coconut milk and potent herbs and spices. Tea instead of coffee now and teeny amounts of kelp daily. Let's see how this does! Not really had dairy much, and gut seems better for it.

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    White (though I can tan beautifully enough to make people think I'm from southern Italy or Spain). 26. Live on $14K/year and putting myself through college out of savings. If I can figure out how to eat primal, anyone can.

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    I think it was the gluten-free diet that was described by some busybody as "a rich white person's diet". Still, I suppose you could call the paleo diet a type of gluten-free diet. But does it matter either way?

    I think this came with the backhanded admission that coeliac disease really is likely more common among northern Europeans. But the claim was that that is still relatively rare, and that gluten intolerance doesn't really exist. So the claim was that people said they were so because they were envious of those blacks who had their own special problem -- namely, sickle cell anaemia.

    And, yes, gluten-free diets are relatively expensive, since all those special "gluten-free" goods require ingredients that are more expensive and have to be transported and stored away from wheat, which drives the cost up ... and, no doubt, come with a stiff mark-up. So I guess you'd have to be relatively well-off to buy the stuff if you didn't really need it.

    Still, this elaborate scenario is all hanging by a thread. It's this: maybe it was just that their guts did hurt.

    The fact of the matter is that the dietary establishment will not accept that the advice it has been peddling for the past half century is wrong. The "rich white fools" claim is essentially an argument intended to prove that they were right to tell everyone to eat seven to eleven servings of wholegrain foods every day all along.

    And anyway gluten-sensitvity does seem to exist:

    BMC Medicine | Full text | Divergence of gut permeability and mucosal immune gene expression in two gluten-associated conditions: celiac disease and gluten sensitivity

    The diet space is just full of fixed opinions, vested interests, and crazy ideologies. Right now there's some nutcase posting on the "Research" board -- the Research board, if you please! -- here that eating low carb will give you some pretend condition called "glucose deficiency".

    Eat a paleo diet if that's what you want to do. If someone says you're doing so because you are (a) white and (b) rich, I give you permission to laugh at them.
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    White people make up 75% of America, OF COURSE we are also going to be the majority in Paleo/Primal. (can't speak for other counties though)

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    I'm white and earn 60K, but this figure is a bit skewed as in live in Perth, Australia.

    I'd assume there would be also be correlation by the people who are more likely to take up the PB/paleo approach, might be that part of the population who are more open to investigation and analysis of information, who in turn would be more like to be tertiary educated = more likelihood of wealth.
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    I am white, British, and live very well on a small income - below £15000. No mortgage, which makes a difference, but I don't think a Paleo diet needs to be expensive at all. Fresh vegetables from the market are good and cheap. Veg from the local organic farm is cheap if you buy the seasonal glut veg - which I'm happy to do. Free range lamb beef etc are delicious and you don't have to buy steak etc all the time. Mince (ground meat), silverside, ox cheek, skirt, breast of lamb and shoulder of lamb, kidneys, livers, organic free range chicken thighs and wings etc - very affordable cuts and make delicious casseroles etc - then the bones make great stock.

    Fresh fish is very cheap if you buy from the fisherman - at Worthing in Sussex I can get bags of fresh caught fish, take them home and freeze them.

    Then I go to the supermarket and see people loading their trolleys up with convenience food - ready mashed potatoes, pre sliced carrots, frozen pizza, fish in white sauce - you get the picture - at huge expense.

    I bet my organic, free range food which I have to prepare myself from scratch costs me less per week than the food bought by the average family who buy pre made everything.

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    White. My third cousins and I are the first generation in my family where the majority of us finished college.

    Perhaps looking at the types of meats and fish some folks experiment with (or eat on a regular basis) makes Paleo/Primal look expensive, but you can do it on pork, beef, tuna, and chicken, which are pretty standard meats in the U.S. If you shop seasonally or use frozen, fruits and veggies are also pretty inexpensive. Root veggies (think potatoes, etc.) and squash are also usually pretty inexpensive. Even at $4.00/dozen, eggs provide 3-6 meals for cheap. If you do regular grocery store eggs, they're amazingly cheaper.

    I think if you look at the lack of nutrition in some of the junk food "poor" people eat, you'll find that they really are spending a lot of money on crap. Fast food dollar meals? No nutrition. Microwave prepared package meals? Not much nutrition. Boxed cereals? You're paying for the pretty box.

    If you want to see how poor people shop, go to Walmart before the 10th of the month. EBT/Foodstamps drop from the first to the tenth of every month. Look at the filled up carts and draw your own conclusions as to whether people understand even CW's version of nutrition. You know who does a "poor" version of almost primal? People of Mexican descent. With the exception of corn products (because in Mexico, they grow 20+ varieties of corn and they haven't turned it into crap food yet), those carts are filled with inexpensive cuts of meat, and fresh veggies.

    *Disclaimer: If that sounded racist, I didn't mean it to be so. I just notice stuff when I'm out and about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoanieL View Post
    You know who does a "poor" version of almost primal? People of Mexican descent. With the exception of corn products (because in Mexico, they grow 20+ varieties of corn and they haven't turned it into crap food yet), those carts are filled with inexpensive cuts of meat, and fresh veggies.
    Word. When we visit relatives in the US (southern Idaho), I have a field day in the local Walmart buying beef cheeks and kidneys, stuff that can't be bought where we live (white, and relatively affluent).

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