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Thread: The Paleo Diet = Rich White People Diet?

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    Technically, I would be in the 40k to 59k bracket, but I'm Canadian and the taxes suck. XD Take home pay, I'm not entirely sure. Might still be in that bracket. I'm white.

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    One thing I want to mention... have you guys watched Eat Yourself Sexy? It's not remotely paleo, but the host always mentions how much money people will save by ditching the convenience foods and eating her real foods. (they might not be primal, but they are real as opposed to processed). So while more rich people might be taking this seriously at the moment, I don't think being poor prevents anyone from being primal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    I'd say that paleo/primal is more common for people in the Gentry ladder as they will read sciency stuff and ... But a lot of people in the L ladder will be living paleo more paleo than many of us in the G ladder by virtue of the annual hunting seasons. We'd have a lot to learn from each other if we were capable of getting beyond our other differences.
    That's the sort of thing I don't buy.

    I attended a family wedding recently and, in keeping with that "at least five generations" comment, the guest list was very "gentry" with lawyers (brother of the bride, brother of groom, mother of groom), school administration/educators (father of groom, grandmother of groom, about 10% of the guests), musicians (cousin of the groom at least), engineers (at least 3 that I know of), etc.. Where 20% of US adults have degrees, this group was about 20% post-grad degrees, 80% 4-year or better, and 95% with at least some college (e.g. everyone between 18 and 22 that I encountered was actively college). At least within the family these were people whose parents, grandparents, and great grandparents had university education (e.g. all four of my grandparents have 4 year degrees) and going back before that were professionals who may not have learned their professions at a university because things were different back then.

    There was also one farmer on the guest list. Actually a husband and wife pair that owned a farm and had known the groom as a child. I'm hazy of whether farmers are Labor or Elites in the real world but they are generally assumed to be labor by gentry types.

    The funny part was that a fair number of the gentry conversations were about hunting. One guy, an educator associated with a state university, was talking about how he had just taken his first black bear. Of course he had also taken deer etc. He actually tried starting up a hunting conversation with the farmers but the farmers didn't hunt.

    The only person I personally know who has made more than 10mln USD, another high performing gentry type as far as I can tell (university educated, entrepreneur, sold his business for about $40 million), now regularly flies his airplane (he is a pilot) to Montana and the like with his buddies to go hunting. He eats what he kills too.

    As someone who grew up in urban socal I understand how alien that is to coastal and educated types...I was right there with you up to a few years ago.

    As far as I can tell, the basic L response to things like "primal" is like in Office Space where the guy asks his neighbor whether anyone at work says things like, "A bad case of the Mondays", to him. "No. No, man. Shit, no, man. I believe you'd get your ass kicked sayin' something like that, man." Eccentricity seems far riskier when you are a commodity laborer, because it is far more likely to cause financial hardship.

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    White. Not yer out of parent's house. Spending all my money on career-related training, my dog, archery, and food

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    White sorta, a lot other mixed in but basically white. I make about 26k CDN and the wife about 15k. I have about 150 bucks a month for food and often have to hunt/scrounge/forage for food and not above being a freegan if it comes my way.

    It can be spendy, eating primal but I spend so much less of all the junk. I buy veggies on a just in time basis and twice a month I get a good food box with a crapton of veggies for 10 bucks. I buy my meat from a butcher I know and that's the best I can do so I dont worry.

    Pidgeons and squirrels and woodchucks seem to find their way to my slow cooker and no one seems to mind.
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    Ok, if I factor in both our incomes, now that I'm back to working instead of being a student, we'd fall into the 100k+ category. We've only recently hit that income level (like, in the last couple of weeks recently) because I've just started my new job. Grad school was definitely worth the investment--the increase in income it's brought me will more than pay for the entire cost of my tuition and fees within my first year of work. I was concerned about taking a couple of years for school in mid-career, but it's opened up a lot more possibilities in terms of senior-level jobs (that transition from G3 to G2?).
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    Thank you for that article, sbhikes. It was a very interesting read, and makes a lot of sense from my point of view. I'm G3/G2, coming from L2. I feel like I am getting sucked into libertarianism, which makes sense from the reasons listed in the article. Good stuff...

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    We are white and in higher income bracket because of having good jobs, wise investments and inheritances. I spend way more on food such as grass fed beef & organic everything I can find, but it probably equals out because of no more junk.

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    Oh, and being a vegetarian is cheap?

    A bag of Doritos is I think about 4 dollars, 3 20 oz sodas a day is not cheap either. I can get grassfed beef for 5 dollars a pound. If I could afford to buy a freezer I could get it even cheaper. A can of sardines for about 1.50. My wife and I and our son don't live on much. after taxes, health insurance, retirement we take home about 3200.00 a month

    I don't eat out, I eat leftovers on top of a sweet potato for lunch. but others at work (I work for the Feds) buy junk every day for their snacks and lunch. total must be 8 to 12 dollars a day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kochin View Post
    Go Slavs! Baltic-Slavic = awesome. I only have about 1/8th in me, but it seems to be the strongest part of my gene-pool. Huge bone structure, "Russian" face, hourglass shape, appetite for fats, mead and fermented foods...
    Also, every Slav (or part Slav) I've known has NEVER broken a bone. So, to further this myth I'm creating that our skeletons are indestructible: have you ever broken a bone?
    I've been told I look Russian, though I look a lot like my mom (who is not, her family is probably mostly German stock though, been in the States for a couple centuries at this point, at least) and mostly have her figure. I've never broken a bone, though I don't think I've really been in a situation to break one either. My sister has only ever broken a toe. My dad broke several bones as a kid, and he's the one I get the Russian-ness from (Ukrainian, Belorussian, German, mostly).
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