At the recent recommendation of someone I know, I stopped drinking milk (store bought skim) 72 hours ago. This was recommended as a possible fix for nearly 4 years of obvious sinus issues, with chronic head aches, sinus infections, antibiotic use, prednisone use, and for the last year a near addiction to psuedophed. The psuedophed was losing it's efficacy very fast. Steroids helped the sinuses, but are otherwise very nasty.

For the first 24 hours, I had no real noticeable changes, but after 24 hours I really started to open up, and watery clear mucous was draining in copious amounts. Last night, I felt like I was on 60 MG of prednisone, but with none of the side effects. Today the drainage is slowing, and wow! do my maxillary sinuses feel so open. As do of my frontal sinuses, which usually felt like pressure points. In fact, they are so open for the first time I can recall (and am sensitive to) in as long as I can ever remember, that the air passing through them feels cold and annoying, but good.

Here is the issue. I like chocolate (dark) and use smart balance spread. Paleo aside, is the small amount of whey in the spread and milk fat in the chocolate probably enough to trigger a reaction? At this point, I would rather not test it, and I did just buy some new tubs. Frankly, I would be fine with an animal fat, but I just paid for these freshly opened tubs. I was going to use some tonight until I read the ingredients.

In a related issue. For a number of years, I had unusual reoccurring GI symptoms that came and went, but never lasted. This August, I had it start up and it wasn't going away. Someone told me they thought I was gluten intolerant or may be celiac. Now, I won't stand to be called intolerant, but I decided the pain was worth a test, so I stopped eating any wheat products and the symptoms went away. Essentially, I gave up my daily tortilla (about all I ate anyway except when I ate out) and went to meat, potatoes, vegetables, and yes corn flakes or oatmeal. I accidentally ate a couple of fortune cookies a few weeks later and had a minor GI issue, and was fine for a month until I traveled and had food I believe had wheat in it, as I had bad GI issues for several days. It was Chinese food with a white sauce I think had flower to thicken it, and a sonic shake that might have had gluten to thicken it, as well.

I had a blood test a few weeks ago, and the results I received said I was not allergic to wheat, but to oats. Now, I never stopped eating oats, but the GI symptoms went away. Oats never seemed to bother me. I think the test may have been miss read, but I am too afraid to test it by eating wheat products. Until I quit milk Friday night, I would have loved a good pizza. As far as I know, milk was not tested.

I haven't had oat meal, but I have had cliff bars (which have oats in them ) as recently as Friday, but none since. I like them on hikes, and usually eat 1 or 2 for lunch with fruit. Is it possible I am actually not allergic to wheat, but to oats, and somehow I could eat the oats without the GI S/S, perhaps until wheat is involved?

At the very least, right now my sinuses are much better then they have been in years. If it is the milk, then bye bye milk. If it is the lack of oats, then so long cliff bars, oatmeal, and oats. Maybe it is the cutting out of the combination of milk and oats, or milk, oats, and wheat? I don't know. When I learned of gluten sensitivity, I hoped that cutting that out of my diet (which I believed I had to for the GI symptoms) would cure my sinus issues. It did not appear to.

It could also all be coincidence, but I really doubt that. It would be nice to be able to travel and eat wheat, milk, oats and so on, not straight, but because food has so many things in it you can't always control and you need to eat out once in a while.