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That is interesting. Do you show any symptoms of an allergy to oats? As far as I know, I never have. I ate oats in 2 cliff bars for lunch yesterday, but had no symptoms or outward signs. No sinus issues, no GI, no nothing I can perceive. I have switched to bacon, eggs and potatoes for breakfast, eating 2 eggs, also with no s/s, so hopefully I only have an allergy or problem with milk, and wheat for GI problems. Still.

I can see that I might be sensitive to wheat, but not technically allergic. I can always try eating it in the future, but I prefer not to deal with the GI distress just to test it.
I haven't ever tried oats again since I started this WOE. So I don't know. I didn't think I had a problem before my whole30 with eggs and dairy. Now I can't touch even a taste of them. I will test gluten/wheat at some point just so I know what to expect. This allergy situation is pretty difficult to get proper diagnoses on. Quite the road to figure it all out. Good luck I have bacon and fried banana every day for bfst. love it.