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Thread: So thankful i found MDA, i have my IBS under control now!

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    So thankful i found MDA, i have my IBS under control now!

    Hello everyone!

    After lurking for some time now, I have gathered enough bravery to start a little thread on my own. Maybe for catharsis, maybe because I find a lot of good information on this forum without the CW inquisitive brow raising...

    My initiation into a Primal lifestyle started pretty much like a lot of you: with health calling up real bad in the hopes that something shifts in a better direction.

    In September 2012 I traveled back home for a a few days of holidays and I clearly remember ravenously eating at the airport a whole pack of "healthy" cocoa and cranberry cookies with a pint of milk. I see now what a mistake that was.
    I spent the whole trip sick to my stomach, glued to the bathroom and having very little fun. Initially I thought I had traveler's flu or some kind of 24hr bug. Of course, due to the symptoms I started on various medicines, and none of them sustainably solved my problem.

    Weeks later and still having terrible episodes, I stumbled upon a shared article at an acquaintance's FB page which stated something about harmful wheat. I was curious, since I have never thought evil of any grain. I read the article and spent the next 4 hrs browsing through the archives. I was hooked!

    I already had in my phone the app Myfitnesspal forgotten somewhere. I started tracking everything I ate and relating it how I felt before, during and after the meal. I even did a little trial and error just to make sure: I baked some oatmeal muffins, very "healty" and low fat of course = IBS episode 4 to 6 hrs later. Hooray! I had the root cause narrowed down: grains were doing all the damage!

    Three months later, my IBS is totally under control, meaning: if I consciously cheat with some bread, brownie or cookie, then I know I will have an episode, ranging in intensity depending on the grain dose and mix.
    My pantry is all cleaned out, every time I go to the supermarket I have a Primal mindset. Of course I slip sometimes, specially dining out, but I know I am human and will power is a muscle in need to be trained and perfected.

    I haven't bought bread/pasta/pastries for myself in months! I don't buy milk anymore. I gave away my rice/flour/pasta/beans pantry supplies. I have cut way back on yogurt, dark chocolate and nuts (I have been overeating for weeks). I am good friends with heavy cream.

    So with IBS taken care of, and after reading so many success stories, now I want more! I realize a lot of things in my life that are not optimal: I have always been slender, HOWEVER now I know I am actually skinny fat with over 33% body fat, with serious carb cravings, chronic cardio addict and dragging my feet by the end of any regular work day.

    * Stay icecream/sugar binge free (I work at an industrial icecream factory, imagine that!!).
    * Stick to the 90/10 principle (I actually want more a 95/5 way of life, just taking it step by step).
    * Get to sleep at maximum 11pm every night (hardest goal yet).
    * Increase protagonism of veggies in my diet, cut back on cheese, cut back on fruits (very difficult goal, making baby steps towards).
    * Stay good friends with heavy cream (make good sensible use of it).
    * Daily achievement of a higher protein% intake vs the carb% intake (use less Myfitnesspal by making me Primal savvy).
    * Steer away from chronic cardio, always prefer slow cardio/waking and throw in a little weight lifting (at least do 15minutes of anything daily).
    * Loving every minute of it!
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