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    Another book suggestion - When You Eat At The Refridgerator, Pull Up A Chair" by Geneen Roth. It's not targeted towards Paleo or Primal, but looks at our relationship with food, emotional eating and ways to break that cycle. I can relate to a lot of what you have said and I found it helpful, so maybe worth a try.

    Personally I would recommend speaking to someone independent (such as a counsellor) over parents or friends any day. My mum is fantastic and extremely supportive but finds it difficult to listen to me vent about things that upset me without also getting upset and offering a whole range of solutions - and I am 32!! A counsellor will take a much more objective view.

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    First of all..You are amazing. Most people your age are not able to even consider such topics much less recognize their effect on their own lives and articulate the problem in such a mature, reasonable way. It took me into my forties to get there. You have made the first step. That doesn't negate how difficult the rest of it will be. Find a counselor, preferably one who is familiar with food/emotional ties and who knows something about the primal lifestyle. Find a good outdoors activity. I don't know your schedule but if you can, find something to get involved with at school. Rowing, tennis, running, etc... Don't beat yourself up. You will not always eat perfectly. Accept it and move on. You have an amazing life ahead of you. Some days will be primal, some won't. That's okay. Just don't quit. And when you need encouragement come back here. You can do this. You rock!
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    I used to be exactly where you are. It has taken a long time, and quite a lot of work to get to the point where I feel I now have a normal relationship with food.

    I've been involved in a programme for several years that works on changing attitudes and habits - it's run by an amazing guy and is the best thing I've done in years (apart from going primal). I won't do a big sales job, but it has totally transformed my life - so just let me know if you're interested and I can PM you the details.

    Btw - are you Newcastle, UK?

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    I don't have any real advice for you. I, too have a very unhealthy relationship with food. Here's what I have learned:

    Food will never make anything better.

    Food is not alive, it is not a person, it will not comfort you.

    We eat because we are trying to fill an emptyness.

    You are actually ahead in understanding that you are turning to food for emotional support. That is a big step to getting control of your food addiction.

    My thought is to journal. Make a food diary of what you ate, why you ate it, and how you felt. Find your triggers.

    If you find yourself wandering thru the kitchen when you aren't hungry, walk out. You might come back, but try walking out again. If you end up opening the fridge door, close it. You just might open it again. If you do, grab a piece of meat or a veggie. It won't satisfy your craving for sweets, but it's a start.

    If you can, do find someone to talk to.

    I have had to learn to eat only what's good for me. It's a long road, but everyday you will learn something new about yourself and how you deal with life, but it's a road worth travelling.

    Be brave. God Bless.

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    If you want to go the counseling route, call the free clinics in your city or if you have a Family Service Agency call them. They can show you the way to sliding scale services that you will qualify for. Since you probably don't have any money, you won't have to pay. Your other option is to go to Overeaters Anonymous. That is also free (they usually pass a hat but you don't have to put any money in if you don't have any) and you can just sit in the back and be quiet the whole time if you want. If there isn't one available and you have friends or family members who are alcoholics or drug addicts you could find similar support at Al-Anon. At one point in my life I went to Al-Anon meetings every single day and sometimes twice a day for a year. It really helped me get over all the internal crap in my life that kept me doing destructive things to myself. It wasn't a perfect cure, but it really helped me move forward in life. What they do in these meetings is let you talk for several minutes about whatever is bothering you and nobody interrupts, nobody gives you advice or criticizes or even comments on what you said. It's very liberating.
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    I forgot I posted this. I must've been too ashamed.

    Anyway, I'm extremely ignorant, but: thank you to everyone who posted here. I know it was a while ago, but the responses mean a lot.

    I'm no longer addicted to food now.
    I'm not an emo, I swear

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