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Thread: Can primal food cure alleries?

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    Can primal food cure alleries?

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    Has anyone had any positive experiences with eliminating allergies by eating primal.

    I have dustmite allergy as well as various food allergies and really want to get better. I was told that most allergies stem from leaky gut and low immune system. If that can be addressed by going primal, one would assume the allergies would get better too.


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    I had significant allergies to dust, molds, pollens, and some foods all of my life. Since starting the PB in June of last year, the allergies have disappeared. I wouldn't say they are cured; rather, my immune system isn't under assault from my diet and thus can handle exposure to the allergens. If I ever go back to crappy eating, the allergies will probably come back.

    Note also that the exercise, sleep, and tension reduction aspects of the PB are also important in combating allergies.

    Best of luck to you...may your experience end up being as good as mine has been.
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    I know that when I stay strictly Primal, my occasional asthma attacks become nonexistent. When I stray back into the land of SAD (as in the last several months), the asthma comes back. PB can only help, IMO.

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