Which we will refuse, even if it means getting the boot from the practice.

This DH's cholesterol over the past year

10/21/11 4/24/12 10/29/12

Tot 234 217 227

Trigs 122 129 112

HDL 38 46 48

VLDL 24 26 22

LDL 172 145 151

HDL/LDL 4.5 3.2 3.1

Trigs/HDL 6.5 4.7 4.7

Total/HDL 6 4 4.7

I calculated the Trigs/HDL and Total/HDL based on what I have read here and elsewhere. If you find an error, please correct me. I am trying really hard to understand this as the only things we were taught to look at in nursing school was Total and LDL. I think this panel looks GREAT! There is room for improvement, but this to me looks like a positive trend. He takes two drugs that are taxing on his liver already. There is no way we are adding a statin into the mix.

I am preparing a letter to send to her. I would like to be diplomatic and preserve our relationship. I don't think much of her skills, BUT she generally does what we ask without much fuss. We are managing multiple issues and I don't want to start over with someone new.

What would you say to her?

I was unsure where to put this to get the most help, but it really is a success story. Oy, if you'd seen his eating habits before! He lived on Pepsi and crackers and the one good meal a day at home.