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Thread: Hello from Country Australia

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    Hello from Country Australia

    Hi folks! I've just started reading Mark's Daily Apple over the last few days and I'm very interested in the Primal Blueprint. About to order a bunch of books from Amazon. (One small upside of the current exchange rate!)

    I've been interested in organic and wholefoods for a long time (this has been more successful in recent years with better availability), and as an adult have always selected butter, whole milk and olive oil. However I've also relied heavily on grains. When I was a vegetarian for a while I gained a lot of weight. When I was pregnant, I was having dreams about burgers!! I gave in and started eating meat again, thank goodness.

    I've recently read Michael Pollan's books and also have done a bit of reading on the Mercola website. I'm getting to the point where I'm reasonably well informed and need to really focus on putting my knowledge into practice.

    My main priority is improving my children's nutrition. While it's better than average, I've often been lazy about their eating habits. I need to put more effort in.

    I also need to get moving! Weight isn't an issue for me, as I'm generally quite active and eat moderately, but I'm very unfit.
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