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Thread: Vibram FiveFinger Sale!

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    Him - I am very glad you are having such good luck with your new VFFs! I agree with Stewie97, that much care should be taken during the transition into minimalist/barefoot style footwear, however it appears your brief walk/run should make your transition quite smooth.

    Keep rockin' it Grok-style! Way to go!

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    Added a mile to the walk for day 2. This time I can definitely feel that my legs are working differently and are tired, but it's just an even fatigues vs the concentrated shin pain. I'm going to keep easing into these with daily walks and brief runs a bit at a time but I already wish I could get away with wearing them to work.

    I don't completely understand the mechanics of why this is better for me...I did some googling and the consensus seems to be that my calves are probably over-developed and tight, but everyone seems to say that should make these VFF shoes would be less comfortable. I've always thought I had good ankle flexibility but who knows. Maybe it's just that I'm accustomed to very thin-soled, low-heel, unpadded styles of shoes and don't trust the massively padded heel of a conventional running shoe, or maybe it causes me to land on my heels (not my habit) and jerk those front muscles harder than I'm used to. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, maybe I don't fully understand what I'm doing.... Whatever it is, the VFF seems to be working in my favor so I'm not complaining!

    Thanks again!

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