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Thread: I'm 15, girl, should I do body weight exercises?

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    There is nothing wrong with being short. Its just that I have this dream. And by the way, thanks guys for your informations. They are really helpful
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    Yes, absolutely, do body weight exercises.

    A given exercise being for men or women is nonsense. Everyone should aspire to be able to do "guy" pushups simply as a measure/demonstration of practical strength.

    Many girls worry about building too much muscle - this will not happen, as it generally requires years of concerted effort in terms of both exercise and nutrition. What might happen is you will get toned!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Owly View Post
    Please have a look at the articles I linked above. The idea that lifting weights stunts growth is really a myth.
    Well as I said, it's a long time since I read it, but it's always sort of stayed with me! (Could have been 20+ years ago... and I remember seeing this article about this boy who was about 6 and worked out with heavy weights, and how he wasn't growing properly etc. etc. he was bizarrely ripped for a little kid!!).

    Anyways... I digress. If there really IS no link, then go for it. But still... I dunno, if you're super short, then I'd err on the side of caution (yeah, yeah... old paranoias die hard, as a super short person myself I wouldn't risk it! Not that it matters now I'm old, so I'll lift as heavy as I like).

    Anyway, all beside the point, given that the OP was talking about bodyweight exercises rather than deadlifting twice her body weight!

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