Hi all

Iím new here and my story Iím sure is fairly typical. Over 4 years Iíve managed to lose just over 150lbs but over the course of the last 18 months Iíve hit a major plateau despite sticking to a ridiculously strict 1200 calorie diet and weighing and reweighing, measuring and portioning everything Ė to the point that over the last 12 months I wonít even eat anything that isnít prepared by myself in case of inaccuracies but not an ounce has budged. I cycle for over 2hrs a day as part of my work commute Ė Iím usually running late so my heart rate is a steady 80%. On top of that I run marathons so I usually run at least 25 Ė 45 miles a week depending on what Iím training for and then throw in a few spin classes a week Ė I think youíre getting the picture, chronic cardio. I would ideally like to lose another 14lbs but also get ripped, toned and most importantly stronger as despite being able to run sub 4hr marathons Iím ridiculously weak and yes it is possible to run a marathon on 1200 calories without hitting the wall.

So I read a bit about paleo and then downloaded the Primal Blueprint and last week started the diet cutting out all grains and sugar. Iíve also withdrawn from my next spring marathon and decided to do 4 to 5 strength training sessions instead Ė Iím pretty lucky that I have a gym that has classes such as animalism and warrior workouts Ė which is a lot of crawling, hoping, climbing, throwing random heaving stuff, jumps etc and then 2 to 3 HIIT sessions with some low intensity under 75% of HR cycling or jogging.

My major concern and questions relate to nutrition and what I should be aiming for in terms of total carbs as I eat around 8 servings of vegetables/salad veg a day and usually one serving of fruit, with a little dairy and that is around 75-90grams a day and I donít know if thatís too much Ė Iíve been staying away from carb rich things like sweet potatoes, butternut, parsnips etc. Iím also sticking to around 1300 calories a day as Iím 150lb, 5ft10 woman.

Thankfully I didnít really miss the grains last week but I would really appreciate and value any advice for a newbie esp in terms of nutrition such as total calories and maximum daily carbs for weight loss.