I was reading this: Your Key to Safe Fasting | AllAboutFasting and this exerpt caught my eye:

True hunger is a sensation in the mouth and throat, similar to thirst, and not a gnawing pain in the stomach. The way it will get your attention is that comes after many days of experiencing no hunger. Seemingly out of the blue, you'll have an intense desire for food.

When food is taken at this point, it tastes extraordinarily wonderful, a real sensual treat. And the act of eating itself is fulfilling, creating feelings of contentment and pleasure. This is the experience eating is supposed to be.
Since I've struggled with weight issues all my life, I'm asking you all (especially those for whom weight isn't much of an issue) what you think of that? Is that true? Is that when "normal" weight people eat?

Those two paragraphs are in a context of fasting, but I guess I never thought to ask people who are "naturally" a good weight what hunger feels like to them.

Thanks in advance for any input.