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Thread: Primal Journal - Sandamel

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    Primal Journal - Sandamel

    Well, I might as well start a journal thread here on a supportive forum. I already posted in the Obligatory forum Introduce yourself thread. What I really, really want is a place where I can publicly log my food without being judged by the vegans I used to hang with.

    Constructive comments and suggestions most welcome!

    So, without further ado, here's my journal. I hope to update it daily.

    Day 1 -

    Fasted walk with puppy (only 20 minutes, as ice balls were forming between her toes)

    shredded sweet potato sautéed in coconut oil and ghee with 3 eggs scrambled in
    latté with unsweetened almond milk

    2 cups water

    large handful pecans
    2 cups water

    latté with unsweetened almond milk

    spaghetti squash with bison tomato sauce
    roasted asparagus
    Natural Calm (magnesium beverage)
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