Bear with me, I'm still pretty new to all this stuff....

I have toyed with fasting and IF'ing in the past, after having gone Primal. Unfortunately, about 15 hours is my "comfort" limit--anything longer than that and I start to get HUNGRY. So, I usually eat. One day I did make it 24 hours, but I was ravenous and my energy level had plummeted from good (morning) to so-so (afternoon) to slug (mid afternoon) to DOA (evening).

My question is, should I stick with my 15-16 hours and go with it and see if I can gradually lengthen the time, even by 15-20 minutes per day? Or should I just suck it up and do a 24 hour fast, energy level be darned? I would like to see some weight loss happen. I'm not overweight, but I'm not as slim as I would like to be/could be/have been in the past. I'm thinking 5-8 pounds of loss would be great, and I think I'd feel better.

I have read about how to become fat adapted and have done what I've read/heard, but it seems like after almost 3 months I should be there by now and be able to go longer than from dinner to a late lunch the next day without feeling like I could eat the table cloth

ETA: The times I have (tried) to fast, it was water only and nothing else.