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Thread: do you workout to music, and is there really a positive effect of it?

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    do you workout to music, and is there really a positive effect of it?

    just wondering if you listen to music while working out, and what kind? i listen to metal stuff that screams, because it's very intense sounding and gets me pumped ^_^ try listening to Veil of Maya- It's Not Safe To Swim Today. it's a very good song that i believe is great to workout to. and has anyone heard of working out to different genres of music having a positive effect?

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    No. No.

    The only effect I get is the earphone cord getting in the way, or the ipod screwing up a person's running form (hold an ipod, and film yourself running. You'll favor that arm, even if you strap it way up high). I also feel like I have no awareness of what is going on around me, which seems a bit dangerous when running outside.

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    Yup. I listen to music. What kind depends on what I'm doing. If I'm running my preference is for techno. If I'm lifting then bouncy pop/dance music is good. I have my days where loud screaming music really fits too. But especially for running I like to have the music!

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    I never run with music. When I run I don't want anything on my body that doesn't need to be. I am also pretty competitive and I feel you can't run races, marathons, whatever with music so don't practice with it. Get ur mind trained to get pre occupied by itself.

    That being said, I love me some gangster rap or heavy metal when I lift. Now a days I start my session with "red nation" by the game. Even tho little Wayne is in the chorus.

    I was benching and du hast by rammstien came on followed by Dragula by Rob zombie. That was a good combo

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    If I'm running or rowing inside then I listen to music, but I turn it off when I'm lifting so I don't get distracted or caught in the earbud cord. I used to run a lot outside, sometimes 2 hours, and I could do that without music, and it was very zen and relaxing, etc., but inside on the treadmill music is non-negotiable.

    Re: the problem w/ holding an iPod or strapping it to you -- I have a nano (I don't know what 'generation' it is) that I can clip to my waistband, and it basically weighs nothing, which is nice.

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    I have found I temper my running to the beat, which isn't ideal.

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    I also listen to music during my work out. Music make me more inspired and more alive during my work out...
    I also got good mood when there is music around...Usually I listen to JLo songs...My favorite as of now is dance again...^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by breetbree View Post
    just wondering if you listen to music while working out, and what kind?
    I used to CW jog nine miles, wearing boots & carrying a rucksack with specified kit in, when training for an annual fell race. Stepping out to Tina Turner would knock five minutes off my time.

    Now that I do short intense workouts I don't bother with music as it takes an extra minute or more to set the iPod and ear pieces up.
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    I only listen to music if I am rowing or on the spin bike - for anything else I find it to be a distraction.

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    I listen to metal while lifting. Helps with aggression. At least for me.
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