Alright so, I was trying to find a Ketogenic diet plan that prevented the typical mineral deficiencies (sodium/magnesium/potassium), without having to take much supplements.

Here would be my typical foods throughout the diet : 4 avocados, 5 eggs fried in coconut oil, about 8oz of fatty beef, a green salad (with either kale, mustard greens, dandelion greens, or a combination of) with some olive oil and Bragg's apple cider vinegar.

I'll also be making a drink called "Sole" (So-lay).. You make this by putting a bunch of Himalayan Salt in a jar, pouring water in, and waiting about 24 hours until the water is saturated with the salt. After that, I'll take about a half, or full teaspoon, and put it in each glass of water that I drink for extra minerals.. I'll be salting my food with Celtic Sea Salt, that way I get a combination of the benefits of both every day.

I'll be taking a tablespoon of fish oil everyday, and I'll also try to fit in a tablespoon of straight coconut oil here and there whenever I can do so without feeling too full.

Yes, there are a lot of PUFA's in Avocados, nonetheless they are very good for you, and will provide me with 2g+ of potassium everyday. I will also meet my magnesium requirements between the avocados, salt, eggs, and dark leafy greens.

So, how does this look to you all? Assuming I can work up an appetite to eat all this... Does it sound sustainable?

Keep in mind I'm not doing this to lose weight.. I'm doing this for the mental/energy benefits of ketosis. Even if I gain weight, that's fine.