I've lurked on here and posted a few time, but I have never properly introduced myself.

I'm Cha, or Meagan, pleased to meet you. I currently live with my parents, two brothers and my three kids (5,4,3). I've been primalish for about a year or so now. My mom just decided to go primal and I've decided to push it upon my kids as well.

My main reason for becoming more active is to help with transitioning my kids. I didn't force them into the diet because it was easier to feed them cereal and not fight. My daughter started kindergarten this year and started having behavioral problems. Now they suspect her of having ADHD, which I could see. So Friday I cut the kids off wheat. She seems calmer, but it is a little early to tell. I surprisingly haven't had many fights over food, even from my cereal-addicted son. They ask for cereal, I say "no," and we move on. I already had a take-it-or-leave-it meal policy so that helped.

I plan on starting a journal to help keep track of how the primal lifestyle affects my family, because three generations is becoming too much to try and keep straight in my own head.

About me: I am about to graduate nursing school. I love to hike, camp, write, read, sew, knit, and spend time with my kidlets. Life is awesome.