Hi everyone!!

Just a quick note to say hello and introduce myself!

I've been lurking here since October and have been trying to glean all the info I can before posting. I am a former restaurant manager/pastry chef who is now working in the school lunch program. I went primal in an effort to reverse the laryngopharyngeal reflux I have suffered for the last 10 years. My 20 yr old daughter, who is in musical theater and sings for a living, also seems to be exhibiting LPR symptoms. My goal is to get off PPI's (which I have not taken since mid October) and to make sure my DD can control her symptoms so she can continue doing what she loves. Working within the school lunch program is very frustrating for someone who is primal as the government is now REALLY pushing the grains while lowering fat and protein. The kids are so hungry all the time!! I just want to scream "Stop eating all those grains and fruits and start eating some meat!" and have been known, on occasion to do just that!

I am happy to report that my LPR seems to be under control, except when I overdo coffee, tea, chocolate or alcohol. I don't indulge in the last 2 very often but I am a fiendish coffee drinker! I try to run 3 miles or so every other day. I started running when I was 45 (I am now 49) and was running pretty much everyday for a while there. I've found that my body is less achy and creaky if I only run 3-4 times a week now. I am hoping to get back to lifting once things calm down here. (Long story short...my house has been flooded 3x by the delaware river so we are in the process of lifting it out of the flood plain. I am currently living in a 900 sq foot trailer with 2 teenagers, the hubs, 2 dogs and 2 cats. Stress much?)

So that's a little bit about me. I don't always understand the science behind all of this but I know that just dropping the grains and most of the sugar has help me immeasurably!! Happy to have found this invaluable resource and I hope to be able to contribute in the near future!