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Thread: How do I use all this marmalade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by breadsauce View Post
    Do you like beets?> If so, melt some butter in a frying pan. Add one fairly finely chopped onion, cook gently to soften. While that is softening, peel and dice (large dice) three cooked beets. Add to softened onion, stir occasionally for about 10 minutes until really heated through. Add 2 teaspoons of marmalade (or more if you want), stir to melt and glaze beets and serve - particularly good with lamb.

    Also, on wild duck; mallard and the like. Smear with marmalade, sprinkle with freshly ground coriander seeds and roast on high until cooked though but still slightly rare on the breasts. Delicious.

    Baked apples - take crisp eating apples (as many as you want), core and make a slight cut in the skin around the equator to stop them bursting. Place in a buttered pyrex dish, fill holes with marmalade and stick a cinnamon quill into each. Add about 2 tablespoons of water and place in oven heated to 180 C for about 35 / 40 minutes. Check at intervals and add more (boiling) water if needed to prevent the marmalade sauce which forms from burning and going bitter. Lovely with thick cream.
    You certainly seem like a Primal foodie! Very nice post. Cheers for that!
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    Making the beets tonight! Great suggestion. I have leftover fig marmalade my brother-in-law pawned on me from one of his patients. It is really good but loaded with sugar.

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    Little dabs in the middle of primal almond cookies, to make 'thumbprints'.

    Wheel of brie, topped with marmalade, topped with chopped nuts, in an oven-proof dish. Heated in a 250 oven until the brie is soft. Served with crackers or bread for non-primal friends, and a spoon for you. Mmmmm.

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